LAGOSTINA Tuscan Collection 5qt. Oval Casserole

Tuscan Collection 5qt. Oval Casserole

Heirloom-Quality Cookware for the Timeless Kitchen

Prepare a wide range of delectable dishes, including roasts, risottos, pilafs, pastas, and braised vegetables with Lagostina’s Tuscan Collection Casserole. Enameled cast iron is ideal for both cooking on the stovetop to baking in the oven and the elegant design of each piece lets you serve right from the table in style. Available in 4 qt. or 7 qt. round and 5 qt. oval.

Reference : D458031229

Enjoy functional beauty with enameled cast iron pots

The Lagostina Tuscan Collection is as beautiful as it is strong, built to endure countless uses and a variety of recipes. Constructed from heavy gauge enamel coating cast iron, the glazed interior is incredibly durable, a cinch to clean, and will not leach odours or flavours into food. Each piece is designed to go from cooktop to oven to table, providing unmatched heat retention and eye-catching presentation. The self-basting casserole lid with scratch-resistant stainless steel knob allows for optimal steam recirculation, boosting cooking performance. This is cookware to be passed down through generations in true Italian cooking style.



Material CAST IRON  
Oven compatibility YES  
Inside Coating/finish ENAMEL  
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Frequently asked questions

The inner coatings of Lagostina non-stick pans are made with multiple layers of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), an extraordinary plastic material that causes the "slippery" component of non-stick pans. PTFE consists of tetrafluoroethylene molecules, exclusively containing carbon and fluoride. The non-stick coating is not attacked by acids or alkaline bases and is very stable when heated. The health authorities in the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Europe and other countries have approved use of PTFE non-stick coatings in the cookware. It is an inert substance that has no chemical reactions with food, water or detergents. If ingested it is totally harmless; the particles are not toxic and are expelled on their own like normal fibres. The non-stick coating is so safe that it is used also in medicine to coat pace makers and artery replacement prostheses, and has even been injected into patients with severe kidney conditions. For all non-stick coatings Lagostina guarantees the absence of PFOA, cadmium and lead. The absence of those components on the finished product is therefore assured, both its absence in the raw material and for the methods it is treated with. The guarantee on Lagostina coatings covers manufacturing defects, such as bubbles in the coating, flaking and various peeling. It does not cover defects caused by misuse or professional use or by wear.

To preserve the non-stick properties of the product:
- avoid heating it excessively when empty;
- never overheat while cooking fat and oil;
- slight scratches and abrasions that might appear with use do not change the coating's non-stick performance;
- to preserve and avoid scratching the coating, we recommend using tools made of nylon, silicone or wood.

In case of burned food, fill the pot with warm water and clean it after a few hours. To restore the non-stick properties of the product, rub the coating with a cotton pad soaked with oil.
The PTFE coating of Lagostina products is free from PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), lead and cadmium. PTFE is an inert substance that has no chemical reactions with food, water or detergents; it is completely harmless, even in the event it is ingested, and its particles are non toxic. At Lagostina we always play it safe!
A scratched pan is not dangerous, however we recommend replacing scratched pans as the detachment of the non-stick coating exposes food to contact with the metal underneath and food tends to stick. The PTFE coating of Lagostina products is free from PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), lead and cadmium, and is completely harmless.
PTFE is characterised by absolute chemical inertia, therefore any ingested splinters from the damaged coating of a non-stick pan are not dangerous.
The non-stick coatings and enamels of our Lagostina cookware do not contain either lead or cadmium. These harmful substances are released by the product when it is washed in the dishwasher and stick to the other items in the dishwasher. Cadmium and lead - substances are not expelled by the body when ingested. This is the reason why for more than 20 years, all our cookware are manufactured without using lead or cadmium.