Lagostina’s Blue Carbon Steel Skillet is a hybrid of cast iron, stainless steel, and stick resistant cookware. A staple in European kitchens for centuries, blue steel combines the best of all three surfaces for performance that gets better every time you cook.

The first time you use any Blue Carbon Steel item, you’ll follow our easy instructions to season it for a safe, stick-resistant coating. From that moment forward, sear away! It’s incredibly easy each time you cook—you will want to avoid stirring and focus on letting your meats and vegetables sear instead, so they don’t stick. When you’re done cooking, simply hand wash your blue steel pan gently with your usual sponge (don’t soak it) to preserve the beautiful seasoning you’ve built up over time.

This Blue Carbon Steel Skillet is suitable for all stovetops and will last (and improve) over a long time for delicious, easy meals that the whole family will enjoy.

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