We understand choosing the right stainless-steel cookware is not an easy decision. Does “Clad” and “Ply” really matter when purchasing cookware? Better yet, what does it mean and how does it differ from regular cookware?  Don’t worry – we are here to help you break down everything you need to know!



Cladding refers to the process of how metal layers in cookware are manufactured together. When the entire body of the pot or pan (and not just the base) is made up of bonded metal layers, we call it clad cookware. 

Clad cookware often has a higher price tag due to the unique bonding process used to make each layer extend all the way from base to rim. The result is superior heat distribution throughout the entire pan for more consistent cooking results.

In non-clad cookware, the base is usually added to the bottom of the pan after manufacturing and can often result in uneven heating and less consistent results.   



Ply refers to the number of metal layers in cookware. Generally multiple metals are used together to form a single pot or pan, with each serving a unique purpose. These metal layers are usually a combination of premium metals such as aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Metals like aluminum contribute excellent heat conduction, while stainless steel offers corrosion resistance and durability. 

The advantage of having more layers is that you can combine the benefits of multiple metals together. More layers also contribute to a thicker construction which can help prevent hot spots leading to uneven cooking and make your cookware more resistant to warping and denting.



Copper clad construction contains a heat-responsive copper layer for precise temperature control and unsurpassed heat retention from base-to-rim. Copper Clad is perfect if you want flawless results, no matter what they are cooking. This set is recommended for cooking connoisseurs.



Our clad cookware is available in a variety of different ply constructions, each constructed in a different way. We bond different metal layers together to harness the best characteristics of  numerous materials. 

We often get the question “which is the best cookware for me?”. The answer really depends on what you are looking for in your cookware. The information below should help you find the right set for you and compare the differences between each of our clad technologies. 





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