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MONTREAL, Quebec (February 4, 2003) - Coranco Corporation, distributor of Lagostina products in North America, today announced it is recalling approximately 3,400 10-piece sets of the Pro-Air line of cookware by Lagostina, sold for the most part in Sears and Eatons retail stores and at some Winners and Home Sense stores. The pans or skillets have "Pro-Air" engraved on the bottom and can burst or separate when heated, posing a potential hazard to users. 

Coranco has received five reports of defective skillets, which were part of the sets. The sets include three saucepans with covers (14 cm-1 l, 16 cm-1.5 l and 20 cm-3 l), a 24-cm dutch oven with cover, a 16-18-20-cm steamer insert and a 24-cm non-stick skillet.

The Pro-Air cookware sets were sold in Sears and Eatons stores across Canada from October 2001 to December 2002. Approximately 90 sets were also sold in individual pieces in some Winners and Home Sense stores.

Consumers are urged to stop using the Pro-Air cookware immediately. They need only call Coranco's customer service line at 1-800-263-4067 or e-mail in order to arrange the return of the set and receive an exchange.

Based in Italy, Lagostina is one of the world's best known manufacturers of premium quality stainless steel cookware and was founded in 1901.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the problem with the Pro-Air cookware?

The Pro-Air cookware is manufactured using double walls of stainless steel which are sealed at the top trapping air in between both walls. The integrity of the silicon seal around the top ring of the pan or skillet may somehow become damaged and moisture trapped inside may cause the cookware to burst when heated.

How can I know that I have Pro-Air cookware?

The Pro-Air cookware has ''Pro-Air'' engraved on the bottom of the pans or skillets.

How can I have my Pro-Air cookware returned?

You need only call Coranco's customer service line at 1-800-263-4067 or e-mail
in order to arrange the return of the set and receive an exchange.

What if my set is incomplete?

You should return whatever you have and will receive an exchange for the articles you have returned.

Where else are Lagostina products sold in Canada?

Lagostina products are also sold at high-end kitchenware stores across Canada. The major chains that also carry Lagostina products are Canadian Tire and Costco in Canada.

Is the non-stick skillet the only piece of the set that represents a hazard?

While the reports of bursting cookware were limited to the non-stick skillet, we ask customers to return all their Pro-Air cookware.

Where were the sets manufactured?

The sets were manufactured in Korea.

Are other Lagostina products safe?

Lagostina has been producing premium quality cookware for more than a century. This situation never occurred with any other Lagostina product in the past or any product currently in use. The Lagostina name has always been a guarantee of premium quality cookware and this guarantee will continue to prevail.

How can I be sure they are safe?

To ensure they meet our rigorous quality standards, our cookware is tested by our appointed independent quality control agents at the manufacturing facility. In the 32 years Lagostina has been sold in Canada, we have never had another product safety recall. Lagostina maintains a quality control program second to none in the industry. Random sample pieces of cookware are tested on a regular basis to ensure all products meet Lagostina's stringent quality standards.

How did this cookware pass Lagostina's quality control testing?

Many tests were done on the Pro-Air series, none of which led to the bursting of the cookware. The problem seems to develop over time and only in a limited number of cases. No other Lagostina product uses this technology nor has experienced this situation.