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POLENTIERA (includes ash polenta stirring stick and stainless steel serving ladle)

Made in Italy, Lagostina's 5 quart Polentiera has been designed to the highest quality standards and will provide a lifetime of cooking pleasure.
POLENTIERA (includes ash polenta stirring stick and stainless steel serving ladle)
Lagostina's "made in Italy" Polentiera is designed with a curved body shape which is essential for perfect polenta. The base is narrower for optimal heat concentration, while the wider top makes stirring easier.

The unique shape, combined with the double walled insulated lid, entrap and recirculate steam throughout the pot, producing delicious polenta, minestrone or other types of soups, stocks, stews, or can be used for cooking pasta.

Lagostina's Polentiera features a brilliant polished exterior with a Lagoplan three layer base to ensure efficient and uniform heating every time.

The double-walled lid retains steam during cooking and keeps food hot while serving.

The Polentiera pot is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, however it is best to hand wash the lid.

Completely safe for all cooktops, including induction and comes with a lifetime warranty for years of cooking pleasure and satisfaction.
1. Made in Italy of highest quality 18/10 stainless steel
2. Features Lagostina's Lagoplan three layer base
3. Double walled insulated lid
4. Cast stainless steel handles
5. Lifetime warranty
1. For traditional quality and durability
2. Ensures efficient and uniform heating
3. Retains steam during cooking and keeps food hot
4. For durability and ease of use
5. For many years of cooking pleasure