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Lagostina’s core values of impeccable craftsmanship, high-quality materials, technological innovation, and elegant design have endured since our very first cookware in 1901. Today, as a premium cookware brand loved by Canadians, we continue to stand behind these core values.

Founded in Omegna , Italy in 1901 by Carlo Lagostina and his son Emilio, Lagostina quickly became a renowned brand in manufacturing tinplate cookware.




First group photograph of the Lagostina employees. The Director, Giuseppe Jacometti, can be seen on the left and next to him is Fortunato Bertinotti, the first worker, hired on 15th December, 1901

On 1st August 1901 Carlo Lagostina and his son Emilio took over a factory that produced tinplated cutlery. After his father's untimely demise, young Emilio found himself at the helm of the new enterprise at just 24 years old. He led the company's growth with creativity, courage and an innate forward-looking attitude. Even throughout the war, the company continued to grow. With the war over, the inevitable economic crisis brought the first industrial unrest in Italy. In addition to being an experienced engineer, Emilio Lagostina proved to be especially receptive to his workers' conditions.


Massimo Lagostina, Emilio's nephew, is credited with the introducing stainless steel to the company. He joined the company at 21 and immediately understood the enormous potential of this new material: pure, beautiful, hygienic, shiny, resistant to corrosion and long-lasting. In 1933, after overcoming certain technical challenges connected to production, Lagostina was the first company in Italy and one of the very few in the world to stamp stainless steel cookware. The “Casa Mia” cookware collection was launched in 1934 and is still on display at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Italy was at war again and the factory converted to produce war material. In 1948 - upon Emilio's death - his wife Adele was appointed Chairperson. A woman - a rarity at the time - was at the helm of a company that continued to grow, this time being propelled by the production of stainless steel items.


The 1956-57 two-year period marks a turning point in product innovation, production mix and sales. The famous Thermoplan® base is introduced which will be used until the 2000s. Tinplate is discontinued, with total conversion to stainless steel. Massimo Lagostina, understanding the importance of opening new markets, enters countries from Central Europe to Greece, to Venezuela, with Canada and Israel to open in the following decade. Advertising investments intensify, and the slogan “Più sapore in metà tempo” ("More flavour in half the time") launches a revolutionary product for the coming years and the company's future: the pressure cooker. But the advertisement that was to become a mainstay in Italian memory was the one created by Osvaldo Cavandoli in 1969. A funny, dissatisfied, grumpy "Little Man" was to become the star of one of the most beloved TV ads ever: The Line.


Lagostina starts a process of product diversification, seeking to meet the needs of the various distribution channels. The “Classico” range and “Moon Line®”, the higher end, are complemented by the more economical “Cadette”, targeting the mass market channel. The company consolidates its presence abroad, especially in Japan, Taiwan and South East Asia in general.

The pressure cooker comes with a new function: steam cooking. The products are perfected by technologies, as is the case of the triple Lagoplan® base, and they stand out for their design, ergonomics and originality. Another iconic product is launched in 1986: Pastaiola ®, the pot to cook and drain pasta. In 1987, the evolution continues with the introduction of Slippy, the first stainless steel pan internally coated with a non-stick finish. In 1989, Modia is launched, the first range of “Accademia Lagostina” by Giugiaro, who shares the functionalist concept with the Lagostina brand: objects that are beautiful as well as useful in day-to-day life.

In 2001, Lagostina celebrates 100 years, underlining the importance of people, their values and their dedication to hard work. Without the great human capital that is behind the company, this worldwide success would not have been possible.


In 2005, following the acquisition by the SEB group, the French multinational and worldwide leader in the small household appliance sector, the Lagostina brand takes an important step towards modern internationalization, becoming even more competitive in a global marketplace. A turning point happens in 2014, after so many years of evolution and renovation. The Company embarks on a new path, starting with a historical brand change and continuing with a new brand strategy and platform, with a broad international scope.



After more than 100 years of history, successes challenges, the company looks forward with the force of a market leader that has turned innovation into an essential mainstay of its history, without ever giving up the tradition that has made great. The taste for sharing and conviviality around the table and the “Italian pleasure of fine cooking” represent Lagostina's essence, together with its constant attention for the quality of materials, the reliability of performance and the Italian style made up of elegance and simplicity.

Mission - The Italian pleasure of fine cooking needs to be shared by everyone. An opportunity to spend time with friends and family and to meet new people. We can do that, building upon our tradition and continuing to believe in the quality, innovation and craftsmanship of our products.