Farm To Table with Irene Matys



Cooking with Passion: A Look into the Kitchen of Irene Matys


Nestled in the heart of Canada, Irene Matys isn't just a food stylist and recipe developer, she's a culinary storyteller. With a deep love for fresh, local ingredients and a knack for weaving them into mouthwatering dishes, Irene has carved a unique space in the food world. Irene’s devotion to the farm-to-table ethos is deeply rooted in her family's legacy as olive growers, olive oil producers, and farmers in hometown of Cyprus.


A Passion for Quality and Community

Irene's passion for food extends far beyond the kitchen counter. She is a strong advocate for supporting local farmers and producers, and her recipes often feature seasonal ingredients at their peak of flavor. This dedication to quality and community resonates deeply with Lagostina, a cookware brand that has been committed to providing Canadians with durable, high-performance cookware for generations.


The Dutch Oven: A Versatile Essential

One of Irene's favorite tools in the kitchen is her trusty Dutch oven. This versatile cookware is perfect for everything from slow-braising meats to baking crusty breads. Irene loves the Dutch oven's ability to retain heat evenly, ensuring perfect results every time.


A Match Made in Culinary Heaven

Irene's appreciation for quality and her commitment to delicious food make her a perfect partner for Lagostina. With Lagostina's cookware by her side, Irene can continue to create culinary masterpieces that nourish both body and soul.


Beyond the Recipe: A Culinary Connection

Irene's affinity for Lagostina goes beyond just the cookware itself. She shares the brand's values of quality, innovation, and community. Together, they are committed to inspiring Canadians to cook with passion and create lasting memories around the table.


Irene will be launching her Recipe book in 2025 called "My Cypriot Table", we can't wait! 

For more tasty recipe creations from Irene please visit her website.