Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by setting a table that dazzles with delicious dishes and elegant presentation? At Lagostina, we understand the importance of quality cookware in making your Thanksgiving feast a memorable one. In this blog, we'll guide you through creating a stunning Thanksgiving table with our top products getting you started for your family gathering




The Heart of Thanksgiving Cooking



Our Lagostina Provence 10 piece Cookware Set is designed for chefs who demand excellence. With its non-stick surface and durable construction, it's perfect for roasting turkeys, preparing savory gravies, and creating mouthwatering side dishes.



Cook and Serve in Style

   Elevate your Thanksgiving table with our Lagostina Legacy Hammered 5-Ply 12 Piece Cookware Set. Its elegant design allows you to cook and serve directly from the same dish. It's ideal for casseroles, stuffing, and more.





Eat with Style

The elegant Lagostina Artiste Cutlery Set enhances the visual appeal of Thanksgiving dinner tables, turning them into a showcase of refined taste and style.



Crispy and Juicy Roasts

   Our Lagostina Ambiente Roaster Tray is designed for perfect roasting. Achieve crispy skin and juicy meat, making your Thanksgiving turkey the star of the show.




Mix, Prep, and Serve

   Our Ambiente 3pc Mixing Bowl Set is versatile for all your Thanksgiving cooking needs. Mix batters, prep ingredients, and serve side dishes with style.




Time-Saving Thanksgiving Essential

Our Lagostina Maga® LagoEasy'Up® Pressure Cooker is a game-changer for busy Thanksgiving hosts. Prepare tender and flavorful dishes in a fraction of the time, leaving you with more moments to enjoy with loved ones.


Mushroom Risotto with Peas

Roasted Lemon Chicken with Apple Fennel Slaw 

Vanilla Bean Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble



Now that you know about our exceptional products, it's time to create a Thanksgiving table that wows your guests. Combine these cookware essentials with your creativity and culinary skills to craft a feast to remember.


Tips for the Perfect Thanksgiving Table Setting:

- Use autumn-inspired tableware and decor to set the mood.
- Incorporate seasonal flowers and candles as centerpieces.
- Create a personalized place card for each guest.
- Offer a variety of dishes to cater to different dietary preferences.



This Thanksgiving, make your table a reflection of your culinary passion and style with the help of Lagostina's top-notch cookware and essential kitchen tools. Whether you're roasting a turkey, whipping up sides, or carving with precision, our products will be your trusted companions in the kitchen. Elevate your Thanksgiving celebration, create unforgettable memories, and savor the joy of sharing a delicious meal with loved ones.


Wishing everyone a delightful Thanksgiving dinner, filled with warmth, gratitude, and of course, Bon Appétit!