Did you know that a simple method can transform your stainless steel pan into a non-stick pan?


The secret is heating your pan to the right temperature. Check out our guide below for a step-by-step tutorial

Prep Your Pan: Ensure your stainless steel pan is clean and completely dry.

The Heat Game: Gradually heat the pan over medium heat. This step is crucial and often underestimated.

The Rolling Water Test: Drop a few water droplets onto the pan. If they sizzle and disappear too quickly, your pan needs more time. If they just sit there, it's too hot. Look for droplets beading up and rolling around for the sweet spot.

Fine Tune the Heat: Adjust the heat as needed. If the droplets evaporate too quickly, lower the heat slightly. If there's no action, increase it a bit.

Once you have found the ideal temperature add your oil and ingredients for the perfect non-stick sear  Have you tried this method before? Let us know below!